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Al Brown's Guide Service Sacramento River fishing guide for Salmon,Trout,Steelhead,Shad,Stripers and Sturgeon. Al's experience combined with his personalized friendly service is guaranteed to provide you with a great fishing adventure. The outdoor recreational activities abound in the North State with many vacation locations nearby. Al knows all the hottest fishing spots in the areas lakes and on the Sacramento River and Feather River. Al is dedicated to making your fishing trip a successful one. Whether you are looking to hook a feisty, fast fighting Wild Rainbow Trout, the elusive Steelhead, Those shiny sided dynamos the American Shad, the voracious Striped Bass, the line stripping King Salmon or the goliath of the Sacramento River the White Sturgeon. Al Brown is the angler's answer to a memorable time.

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$170.00 to $300.00

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