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Homer is a world class adventure destination. It is your one stop shop for Alaskan fishing trips, hiking, and sightseeing. While fishing here you don't need to take a 4 hour boat ride one way to get to world class halibut fishing, it's known as the halibut capital of the world for a reason. Kachemack Bay holds king salmon year round with some of the largest in the world making their way to the Kenai river. Humpback whales can be seen almost daily during the summer months and they sometimes even put on an unforgettable show. It offers the worlds best bear viewing leaving out of our local airport. A short water taxi across the bay gets you hiking to epic glaciers. Shorebird festival in May attracts bird viewers from around the world. Seaside towns dot the coast steeped in mystery and charm. It offers world class everything from outdoor activities to local food. It is a place that appeals to everyone. By saying you went to the end of the road in the last frontier is a bucket list item for all.

Homer Alaska is the halibut fishing capital of the world. Not only can they grow to in excess of 400 lbs, but Halibut can also put up an epic fight. Fishing will be on anchor using the tide or drifting looking for trophy halibut. We prefer fishing shallow water using light weights depending on tide, weather, and time of year. The fish you wish to keep, is the fish you take home. I mark the tail of each fish so you can distinguish your fish from the others and take home your catch. Every fish is treated as a trophy, because it could be the first fish you ever caught to the trophy you have been waiting for. It is not uncommon to catch rockfish, lingcod, salmon, or shark during the trip. We consider these bonus fish and its just part of the experience. It would be a great time to enter the world famous Homer halibut jackpot derby, because you never know what you will catch. Halibut charters start at $225 per person visit our site for more info.

Salmon fishing is done by trolling with the use of down riggers, waiting for the salmon to strike with a fish on! The largest king (chinook) salmon are typically caught during the months of May and June but kings may be caught year round. From July to September we also target silver (coho) salmon the best pound for pound fighting fish in Alaska. Kachemack Bay offers 5 different species of pacific salmon which consist of king, silver, sockeye, pink and chum during the summer months. With so much action and variety we have the ability to put together different combinations of salmon. Each species has its own possession limits to make up a combination of 6 salmon in possession per person. Salmon charters start at $225 per person visit our site for more info.

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Combo Halibut & Salmon
$275.00 to $325.00
Halibut Fishing
$225.00 to $275.00
Salmon Fishing
$225.00 to $275.00
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Had a great time limiting out on halibut with Captain Max!! Highly highly recommend!

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Shimano Trevala Jigging Rods
Penn Reels Penn 40N 2 speed lever drag reels
socks First lite wool socks

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