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Cj's Bait Co. - Your catfish experts! Our products are made by fisherman for fisherman. 

What is Punch Bait and How it works! 

  Punch Bait is a cheese based bait similar to common dipbaits, but whats makes CJ's punch bait stand out from the Rest is our Ingredients. We use cattails which is a cotton like Fiber that when mixed into the bait forms a adhesive and allows you to Fish with a simple 3 way treble hook, and no need for a Sponge. The bait clings to the hook and enables you to go longer durations with out rebaiting the hook. The More time you spend rebaiting the Less time you spend in the water. It also allows you to Fish in Faster currents of water like rivers and streams. Without worrying about your bait falling off like liver or cutbaits tend to do. The best part about our punch bait, that most wife's will agree and the reason it gets its name, Is that you don't have to touch it with your Hands. All you need is a stick, place your treble hook on top and PUNCH it in. Thats it! We suggest pulling the hook out at a Angle to get more bait on the hook.. Are punch bait comes in 5 different Flavors. Shad, Monster, Crawdad, Minnow and Wilder Hopper. 

Here at CJ's we've token a long time developing these Flavors to ensure no matter the climate, season, or geography of your state lakes,ponds and Rivers. We'll Have something for Every catfish angler.

We have been in business for almost 20 years and we have some of the finest bait for catching catfish in the United States. We look forward to continually producing the best product possible to serve our fishing community for years to come. 

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