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The KING OF THE CANYONS OFFSHORE CHALLENGE is dedicated to highlighting Ocean City, Maryland’s outstanding summer series of fishing tournaments, the entire Sport Fishing Community who compete in and support those tournaments and the thrill of offshore fishing in the Canyons of the Atlantic Ocean!

The KING OF THE CANYONS (KOTC) is a simple WINNER TAKE ALL, ALL SEASON LONG pursuit to catch the heaviest White Marlin, Blue Marlin, Tuna and Dolphin. The KOTC offers an exciting new chance to win more money for boats that are already tournament fishing. The KOTC format spans six eligible tournaments to allow boats the maximum opportunity to land their best fish of the season.

Registration is OPEN and CONTINUOUS until registration closes for the final eligible tournament.

Four Species are included in the KOTC:

• White Marlin: WTA Entry Fee $1,000

• Blue Marlin: WTA Entry Fee $1,000

• Tuna (Bigeye, Bluefin, Longfin and Yellowfin): WTA Entry Fee: $750

• Dolphin: WTA Entry Fee $500

$32,500 Estimated Purse w 10 Boat Minimum Sign Up - Across the Board Entry.

2021 Eligible Tournaments:

• 8th Annual Big Fish Classic: 23-25 JULY 2021

• 12th Annual Heels & Reels: 30-31 JULY 2021

• 48th Annual White Marlin Open: 02-06 AUGUST 2021

• 27th Annual Capt. Steve Harman Poor Girl’s Open: 12-14 AUGUST 2021

• 30th Annual Mid Atlantic Tournament: 15-20 AUGUST 2021

• 63rd Annual Labor Day White marlin Tournament: 03-05 SEPTEMBER 2021

Tournament Highlights

WINNER TAKE ALL – 1st Place Only. This is a cumulative, season-long tournament; the single heaviest White Marlin, Blue Marlin, Tuna and Dolphin caught and weighed in any of the six eligible tournaments will be declared the sole winner for that species. 

The KOTC is a BOAT tournament that is open to Private or Charter Boats regardless of size. A registered boat will be declared the winner for each species. The registered representative of the winning boat will be paid the winnings. Winners will be announced soon after the final eligible tournament has concluded.

Boats must register with the KOTC, plus any eligible tournament they chose to fish. Boats only have to register with the KOTC once. Boats KOTC registration date will determine when and if fish caught in Eligible Tournaments will be considered towards KOTC results. Entering the KOTC does NOT enter a boat into any other tournament. Boats must enter and pay a separate entry fee for any and all eligible tournaments in which they choose to fish. Boats have the option to fish as much or as little as they chose. Pick one, two, three, four, five or six eligible tournaments.

The winning fish may be caught in the any one of the six eligible tournaments. The KOTC will use the results and decisions of eligible tournaments for determination and verification of fish species and fish weight. Fish need only to be weighed ONCE in an eligible tournament. 

Click policies below to see the full set of rules.

Registration is open. If you are interested in entering the KING of the CANYONS, then contact Lewie via email at [email protected] or call 855-405-9570.

2022 KING of the CANYONS will cover entire Ocean City fishing season. May 1st till Oct 1st. All fishing - Potentially not just tournaments.

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