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Last cast guide service is a destination guiding service. We fish some of the finest waters New York and the northeast have to offer . From the tributaries of Ontario to the Moriches bay on Long Island we help you catch the fish of a lifetime. We specialize in bass , pike, salmon, steelhead as well as panfish . In saltwater we specialize in light tackle fluke fishing as well as striped bass and bluefish. So come along and see what we are about you won't be disappointed.

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Spring smallmouth
Light tackle fluke fishing
$500.00 to $650.00
Lake Champlain Bass , Pike, and giant crappy
Fall salmon and steelhead
$400.00 to $500.00

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Name Description
Sticky-Fish Custom decals at great prices
Spro We are Sports Professionals . SPRO works with America’s best Anglers to design the world’s finest fishing tackle. Using cutting edge technology
Gamakatsu The sharpest most durable fish hooks on the market

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