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Since 1983 Van Beacham, owner of the Solitary Angler, and his staff have been guiding anglers in New Mexico, Colorado and Wyoming to some of the least known, top secret waters anywhere. Over the years some of the places we used to guide have become more popular and overfished, spoiling the solitude and lessening the angling experience. As the fishing pressure increases, those unspoiled places with almost virgin trout that used to be so plentiful just a few years ago are disappearing. The Solitary Angler has always been ahead of the curve, seeking out new and undiscovered fisheries, both public and private, so that our customers always have the opportunity to experience “superior fly fishing without the crowds”. From high mountain lakes and streams to wild river canyons and sprawling private ranches, the Solitary Angler has a variety of year-round angling opportunities to suit any angler’s needs, always without the crowds.

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Rio Grande Gorge
Culebra Creek
Trinchera Ranch
Green River, Wyoming

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"The best time to go fishing is when you can get away."

- Robert Traver