Blue Marlin

Blue Marlin
Top Record:
Black: 1560 lb IGFA White: 181 lb 14 oz IGFA Atlantic Blue: 1402 2 oz IGFA Pacific Blue: 1376 lb IGFA
Trolling, Fly Fishing, Kite Fishing


The king of all game fish, the Marlin is divided into four distinct species, which includes the striped marlin, Kajikia audax, and black marlin, Istiompax indica, but most North American anglers tend to focus on the white marlin, Tetrapturus albidus, or the blue marlin, Makaira nigricans, made famous by Hemingway. Whites inhabit deep blue Atlantic waters, from the northeast down through South America, while the blue marlin is found in all the world’s oceans. Blues are among toughest of the marlin family—perhaps the toughest of all game fish to land. Blues are among the heaviest game fish around, with mature fish approaching more than 1,000 pounds. In both stamina and power, few species rival a hooked marlin. They're typically caught on 50- to 130-pound test fishing line while trolling, but can be caught on pitched baits and flies with some effort. Finding these elusive fish is part of the battle.