Red Drum (Redfish)

Red Drum (Redfish)
Top Record:
94 lb 2 oz IGFA
Spot Casting, Fly Fishing, Trolling


Beloved along the Gulf Coast, red drum or drumfish, Sciaenops ocellatus, is easily identified by the large black tail spot. Some fish have multiple smaller spots down the midsection, and the body color typically runs an iridescent coppery red to blackish silver. Reds make a croak or drumming sound when distressed, hence the name. Redfish prefer shallow bottom, particular soft bottom with submerged vegetation. They can often be found around oyster reefs, coves, jetties and old pier pilings. Oftentimes they can be spot with their backs just out of the water. Shrimp, small mullet, and blue crabs make excellent bait, but redfish are aggressive eaters and will take most cast baits, lures and flies. Sight casting to reds is extremely popular. Fisherman will wader the shallows, or pole around on a small skiff. When a red drum is spot, the fisherman casts to it.