Yellowfin Tuna

Yellowfin Tuna
Top Record:
427 lb IGFA
Trolling, Fly Fishing, Spot Casting


Thunnus albacares, the yellowfin tuna, is one of the most popular tuna species pursed by offshore fisherman. Named for their large, bright yellow second dorsal and anal fins, which can extend almost as far as the tail on the largest fish. These yellow fins give them a district crescent or scimitar-like appearance. Yellowfin tuna grow to incredible weights, occasionally over 400 pounds off Mexico and the eastern Pacific, but it is equally fun to catch 20-pound schoolie “footballs” while trolling or on pitched baits. While yellowfin will feed along the surface, one study in the Indian Ocean found they spent 85 percent of their time deeper than 75 meters or 246 feet. Like the other large tuna, the yellowfin is an incredible fighter with record-book stamina. There’s never a slack moment when a yellowfin is hooked. They fight right up until the gaff makes a fatal connection. Chumming with live baits like squid is very effective.